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Welcome to the Interstellar Soiree! We are thrilled to have you join us for an exhilarating time where innovation, ideas, and imagination converge. As we journey through a series of groundbreaking sessions and captivating performances, our agenda is designed to inspire, challenge, and connect. From exploring the latest advancements in AI and robotics to engaging with visionary thinkers and industry leaders, every moment of the event is set to spark new insights and foster lasting connections. Get ready for an unforgettable experience of learning, networking, and discovery. Let's embark on this adventure together and delve into the future that awaits!

Interstellar Soiree Agenda

Step into the spotlight and start the Interstellar Soiree in style with our glamorous Red Carpet VIP Meet and Greet! This is not just any meet and greet – it's your chance to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of the tech world, including a special appearance by Grace and Desi the Robots. Imagine sharing a handshake (or a sensor tap!) with the AI marvel that's taking the world by storm. As you make your way into the red carpet lounge, our press roll call will capture these unforgettable moments. Dress to impress, network with the elite, and enjoy an evening where innovation meets elegance. Get ready for an experience that’s as exclusive as it is exhilarating!

4:30 PM PST: Doors open Exclusive Red Carpet VIP Meet and Greet with a Twist: Mingle with Desi the Robot  and Grace the Robots!

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey at the Interstellar Soiree with our Welcome Address! As the first highlight of our evening, this segment sets the tone for a night filled with innovation, inspiration, and forward-thinking. Our hosts will take the stage to greet our esteemed attendees, sharing insights into the exciting agenda ahead and the transformative conversations we're about to have. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a business visionary, or simply fascinated by the future, this welcome is your gateway to an evening where every moment is designed to ignite your imagination and fuel your passion for progress. Get ready to be inspired, engaged, and welcomed into a community that’s shaping tomorrow.

Featuring the show producers and your hosts:

  • Shawn Andrews, Founder of BREATHE! EXP 

  • Marc-Lionel Gatto, Founder of My Global Village

  • Pavan Agarwal, Founder of Angel Ai

  • Sam Chauhan, Founder of Mindset Summit

  • Bill Inman, Chief Growth Officer of Sophiaverse

  • Mike Johns. Founder of Digital Mind State, Tech with Soul and CES Innovations Award Judge

  • Larry Smith, President of Worre Studios

  • Stormie Andrews, Creator of the World’s Best Buyer Persona System and Co-founder of BREATHE! EXP

5:00PM (PST): Kicking Off the Future: A Warm Welcome to the Interstellar Soiree!

Get ready to elevate your connections at the Interstellar Soiree's Networking Session – the perfect platform to forge meaningful connections with pioneers, visionaries, and fellow attendees passionate about the future. This session is crafted to encourage dynamic interactions, where you can discuss groundbreaking ideas, share insights, and potentially spark collaborations that could shape the future of technology and business. Whether you’re seeking to expand your professional network, exchange innovative thoughts, or find potential partners, investors, or mentors, this is your arena. Bring your business cards, open your mind, and prepare to connect with like-minded individuals in an atmosphere buzzing with potential and opportunity. Let's build bridges that lead to the future, together! features:

  • Digital Art Wall Presentation 

  • General Networking area for General Admission Audience 

  • VIP Networking in RED CARPET Lounge for VIP attendees. Includes VIP Dinner Pre Show

5:15PM (PST): Connect and Collaborate: Unleash Opportunities at Our Exclusive Networking Session!

Dive into an enlightening Fireside Chat on 'DEI is Not Reverse Discrimination: What Tech Leaders Should Do to Support Inclusion.' This session is dedicated to demystifying one of the most misunderstood concepts in the corporate world today. We'll be exploring how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are often misconstrued as reverse discrimination, and why this perception is not just incorrect, but harmful to the cause of true inclusivity. Join our panel of seasoned tech leaders as they discuss actionable strategies for fostering an inclusive culture within tech organizations. They will share insights on how to effectively address common misconceptions, and create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. This chat is an essential learning opportunity for anyone looking to be a part of positive change in the tech industry and beyond.

  • Bill Inman, Sophiaverse - Chief Growth Officer of Sophiaverse

  • Kevin B. Kimble Esq. - Founder & Board Chair of FSIC

  • Troy BEETZ - Former CMO Delorean Motors 

  • Nicholas Zaldastani - Venture Capitalist 

  • John Balele - Financial Advisor of Coverage & Capital

  • Brady J. Buckner - Co-Founder and President FSIC

5:45PM (PST): Tech with Soul Presents: DEI is Not Reverse Discrimination: What Tech Leaders Should Do to Support Inclusion

Get ready for an electrifying performance by The Metaverse Mentalist, João Blümel, in 'THE TRUE INFLUENCER,' the world's first show blending Mind-Reading, Virtual Reality, and Hi-tech. This unique experience explores how technology influences our lives, from fashion to friendships. João, along with Grace the Robot, invites you to a highly interactive show where your digital personality is key. Expect stunning Mind-Reading, VR, AR, and Mixed Reality, integrated with social networks and tech gadgets, all enhanced by an interactive app for a truly immersive experience. Join us for a journey into the extraordinary, where tech meets the power of the mind

6:10PM (PST): Special Performance by the Metaverse Mentalist, João Blümel

Introducing the 'My Global Pitch' session, led by Marc-Lionel Gatto,  a highlight of the Interstellar Soiree, where innovation takes center stage. In this exclusive competition, we've scoured the globe to find the most promising startups – with only one extraordinary contender representing each country. These selected startups are not just businesses; they are beacons of creativity and potential, each bringing a unique solution to the table. In this high-stakes session, they'll compete for not just funding but also for a chance to make their mark on the global stage. Witness the pinnacle of entrepreneurial spirit as these startups pitch their groundbreaking ideas. It's more than a competition; it's a celebration of global innovation and a rare opportunity to glimpse the future through the eyes of those who are actively shaping it.

Esteemed Jury: 

  • Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Ventures

  • Nicholas Zaldastani - Venture Capitalist 

  • Amal Sharma - President & CEO at Tag Investment Bankers LTD.

6:45PM (PST): My Global Village Start-Up Pitch Session

Experience a moment of prestige and recognition at the Interstellar Soiree's Honoree Presentation, uniquely hosted by Desi the Robot. In this special segment, we celebrate the extraordinary contributions of our distinguished honorees: Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET, renowned for his pioneering work in Artificial General Intelligence; Pavan Agarwal, Founder of Angel Ai, a visionary in AI Innovation for the Real Estate Industry; and Gary Shapiro, the esteemed President of CES, who has significantly shaped the landscape of global tech event production and leadership. Watch as Desi the Robot, an epitome of technological advancement, presents these awards, symbolizing the harmonious blend of AI and human ingenuity. This presentation not only honors these remarkable individuals but also inspires all attendees with their groundbreaking achievements and contributions to technology and society.

  • Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET

  • Pavan Agarwal, Founder of Angel Ai and Celligence International, LLC

  • Gary Shapiro, President of CES

7:15PM (PST): Honoree Presentation 

2023 was a breakthrough year for AI, comprising the beginning of a new phase in the evolution toward Artificial General Intelligence and ultimately superintelligence. In 2024 we can expect to see progress along the lines we saw in 2024 but more so, with generative AI extending more emphatically beyond images and voice to video and music, and integration of LLMs with knowledge graphs and symbolic reasoning systems accelerating penetration of AI into the enterprise across all verticals. We will also see a huge increase in R&D involving alternative and additional approaches to AGI beyond the world of contemporary deep neural nets including logical inference, evolutionary learning, artificial life, realistic neurological modeling and self-organizing dynamical systems. As all this progress infuses AI into every application area and demonstrates increasing progress toward human-level AGI systems with fundamental creativity and ability for complex multi-step reasoning, concerns regarding the ethics of the next stages of AI development will grow. Open source will continue to play a critical role in driving AI forward in a broadly beneficial way, together with blockchain based tools that enable the real-time operation of AI systems to proceed in an egalitarian way without control or ownership by any centralized company, government or elite. The AGI race is on, and if things go well every one of us will be a winner.

7:40PM (PST): Honoree Dr. Ben Goertzel 2024: The AGI Race is On

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey into the 'Future of Travel' with an exclusive discussion featuring some of the most groundbreaking figures in space exploration and AI technology. Join Sophia the Robot Avatar, a marvel in artificial intelligence, Logan Ryan Golem, the visionary CEO of Sophiaverse AI, and Ryo Nakatsuji, CEO & Founder at DEStudios, as they share their insights and predictions for space travel. This panel will dive deep into the realms of space exploration, discussing the upcoming SpaceX mission that includes Sophia and Ryo. Discover how AI and human ingenuity are combining to push the boundaries of what we thought possible in travel, exploring new frontiers beyond our planet. This session promises to be a glimpse into a future where space travel is not just a dream but a reality, highlighting the incredible potential of AI and human collaboration in conquering new worlds. Featuring 

  • Sophia the Robot Avatar of  Humanoid Robot

  • Logan Ryan Golema, Conduit of Efficient Outcomes (CEO) of Sophiaverse AI

  • Ryo Nakatsuji, CEO & Founder at DEStudios, Executive Officer/ BD Manager / CoinPost / WebX

8:05 PM (PST): Beyond Boundaries: Envisioning the Future of Travel with Sophia the Robot and Space Visionaries

You can harness the power of Ai to expand your book of business. Angel Ai is a free Ai personal assistant trusted by so many to perform tasks from new account acquisition to administrative support to million dollar finance decisions. Everyone is wondering: what will the rise of Artificial Intelligence mean? There's no need to guess, since there's already one realty finance company that has been running end-to-end on AI-power since 2018. Celligence created Angel Ai, an AI personal assistant with full AI manufacturing automation for financial services. Underwriting is now measured in minutes instead of days, and all manufacturing tasks are fully automated. Billions of dollars are being decisioned near instantaneously and with 100% Trust. Affordable housing and credit access has been expanded such that loan Approval Ratios [Approval Ratio is defined as the (National Average Decline Rate) divided by (Angel Ai Powered Decline Rate)] have almost doubled, with the hispanic and black communities benefiting the most. Don't miss this incredible session looking inside how Angel Ai has transformed financial services, fighting inflation, and delivering a massive economic lift to minorities by ending the cycle of poverty. The future is already here. So now the question is how much brighter will it get?

8:30PM (PST): Honoree Pavan Agarwal - The Rise of AI - Use It or Lose It.

Don't miss the 'Tech This Out Innovation Spotlight' at the Interstellar Soiree, a showcase dedicated to unveiling the cutting-edge of technology and innovation. In this segment, we spotlight two enthralling presentations that are at the forefront of reshaping our future. Witness as visionary thinkers unveil groundbreaking ideas and revolutionary concepts that are poised to redefine what's possible in technology and beyond. This session is not just about observing; it's about being part of a moment where the next big innovations are revealed. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and amazed as we shine a light on the advancements that are setting new benchmarks in the tech world. The 'Tech This Out Innovation Spotlight' is where the future becomes now

  • Taras Kravtchouk - Founder of Tarform

9:00PM (PST): Startup Pitch 2 - Innovation Spotlight - Tech This Out/MyGlobal Village

This panel, "AI and Ethics: Navigating the New Frontier," brings together diverse voices to discuss the evolving role of AI. Panelists will explore how AI is transforming creative processes, its ethical implications, and the balance between technology and human creativity. The conversation will include recent developments such as the resolution of the AI issue in the SAG-AFTRA strike and the emergence of tools like Sureel.AI and others. 

This session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the entertainment industry. Featuring 

  • Daniel Baldwin: An acclaimed actor, writer, and director with a rich career in film and television. He brings a deep understanding of the industry and the impact of AI on filmmaking and acting.

  • Grace the Robot: A sophisticated robot by Hanson Robotics, offering a unique perspective on AI's role in storytelling and entertainment.

  • Brando Murphy: An American Comedian Turned Entrepreneur ruling the Crypto world through his venture "Bigger Than Race" (BTR). He has astounded people with valuable crypto content through his enterprise, Bigger Than Race (BTR). 

  • Aaron Vick: A thought leader in emerging technology, focusing on the philosophical side and ethical aspects of AI, and the author of "Humanity’s Ledger: The Trust Protocol."

9:15PM (PST): AI and Ethics: Navigating the New Frontier

Join us for a captivating keynote address by the renowned actor Daniel Baldwin, as he takes us on a journey through his unique perspective on technology and its ethical implications. In this insightful session, Daniel will share his personal experiences with the evolving landscape of technology in the entertainment industry, from the early stages of his career to the present day. He'll delve into how technological advancements have transformed the way we create, consume, and think about media. With a focus on ethical considerations, job impacts, and the end products, Daniel's talk will highlight the crucial balance between innovation and responsibility. This keynote is not just about understanding the 'what' and 'how' of technology but also grappling with the 'why' and 'should we'. Prepare to be engaged, enlightened, and inspired by the thought-provoking insights of a veteran actor who has witnessed firsthand the technological metamorphosis of his field.

9:40PM (PST): Keynote by Daniel Baldwin, Actor, Writer, Director, and Co Founder of Vesta Stream

Join us for a spectacular Aftershow Party at the Interstellar Soiree, where we celebrate the fusion of Art, Music, and Celebration, all orchestrated by our star DJ, Desi the Robot! This party is more than just a gathering; it's a tribute to the creativity and innovation that drive us. Immerse yourself in an environment where the boundaries between technology and art blur, creating an extraordinary experience. Desi the Robot, showcasing its unparalleled AI capabilities, will set the rhythm of the night with an array of mesmerizing tunes, perfectly complementing the artistic and musical themes. Revel in an eclectic mix of live art installations curated by SuperChief, interactive music experiences, and a vibrant celebration of the spirit of the Soiree. This Aftershow Party is your canvas to network, unwind, and be inspired, all in the company of fellow visionaries and creatives. Let’s make this a night to remember – where art, music, and innovation dance together under the stars.

10:00PM (PST): Aftershow Party hosted by Desi the Robot

11:00PM (PST): Conclude the Evening


Empowering Attendees and Startups in the World of Tech and Beyond

Interstellar Soiree presents a diverse and dynamic agenda, specifically tailored to empower brands and attendees while showcasing tech pioneers and startups.

Agenda Topics

  • Live Funding Pitch Sessions

  • Tech Awards

  • Entertainment

  • Fireside Chats

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Breakout Sessions

Attendees at Interstellar Soiree have the rare opportunity for direct engagement with visionaries and tech pioneers while getting first-hand experience on latest trends and innovations with artificial intelligence, robotics, and emerging technologies in business, city, travel, and life!


Participants have the chance to interact and network with startups, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and witness the future of technology unfold in real-time.

Real-Time Funding and Exposure

For startups, the Interstellar Soiree is more than an event; it’s the launchpad. With entry-level participation, startups have the chance to engage directly with potential investors and secure funding in real-time. 

The ability for live voting means that getting funded is an instantaneous concept, providing an exhilarating and game-changing experience for emerging companies.

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