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We cordially invite you to the most anticipated event of the year

An Evening to Celebrate, Showcase, and Fund the Best of Technology and AI

PROMO CODE: Kiwitech50

This code gives you 50% off!

Event Highlights:

  • Virtual World Tour: Immerse yourself in a global celebration, transcending geographical boundaries with the capability to live stream to up to 1,000,000 viewers (See Demo)

  • The Future of: Explore the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Technology, Business, City & Travel, and Humanity.

  • Live, Interactive Experience: Engage with Grace, the emerging star in the future of medicine, and Desi, the revolutionary AI-powered vocalist leading the Jam Galaxy Band.

Tech and Audience Reach:

  • Worre Studios: A venue designed for technological excellence, offering live streaming to a global audience with real-time translation available for most languages.

  • Network Focus: Targeting the USA, MENA Region, French Speaking World, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

  • Innovation Platform: Showcasing cutting-edge brands, live demos, tech showcases, and interactive discussions.

We look forward to your presence at Interstellar Soiree, where technology, AI, and innovation unite in an unforgettable celebration.

JANUARY 10, 2024


Hosted by the Icons of Innovation:

  • SophiaVerse

  • Grace the Robot

  • Desi the Robot


Join the extraordinary evening hosted by the leading figures  in AI and robotics such as SophiaVerse and the esteemed sisters of Sophia the Robot, Grace and Desi. This immersive experience stands at the forefront of the “Future of…” Series and promises to celebrate the future of global technology, AI, robotics, and start-ups.

This code gives you 50% off!

PROMO CODE: Kiwitech50

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