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Pavan Agarwal, Dr. Ben Goertzel, and Gary Shapiro Named as Honorees to Interstellar Soiree, Live at Worre Studios

For Immediate Release January 2, 2023

LAS VEGAS, NV - Today, the visionaries behind the BREATHE! Experiences, a leader in innovative event experiences, is proud to announce the distinguished honorees for the upcoming Interstellar Soiree, taking place January 10, 2024 at Worre Studios 5PM PST. 

This premier event, set to illuminate the night sky, celebrates trailblazers and visionaries who have significantly contributed to their respective fields. The soiree, known for its blend of inspiration and professional networking, will also feature Daniel Baldwin as the Keynote Speaker, adding a layer of prestige and insight to the evening.

Interstellar Soiree Honorees 2024

Pavan Agarwal, Founder of Angel Ai and Celligence International, LLC, recognized for his transformative contributions in AI Innovation Tech for Cities, stands as a testament to our theme, 'The Future of.' His groundbreaking work in the financial and housing sectors has notably propelled real estate brokers and agents forward, igniting global innovation and setting new benchmarks for excellence. 

"Receiving this honor at the Interstellar Soiree is a thrilling milestone! It's not just a nod to my work but a celebration of AI's transformative power. I'm over the moon to join forces with such innovative minds, all driven by a shared vision: harnessing technology to revolutionize our daily lives and interactions,” said Agarwal.

Also, Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO and Founder of SingularityNET is set to accept the “AGI Pioneer” Award for his unparalleled achievements and trailblazing ability in software scripting, cognitive architecture, robotics, and creation of Artificial General Intelligence.

Lastly, joining these esteemed nominees, we are also thrilled to present Gary Shapiro with the 'Extraordinary Global Leadership' Award. As President of CES, Gary Shapiro is a trailblazer in global tech event production and executive leadership, who has made a notable impact in the realms of technology, innovation, and brand sustainability.

Honorees were chosen based on groundbreaking criteria, including their business stage, the impact they have made, leadership prowess, the novelty of their approach, practical applicability, revenue potential, and scalability.

Previous Honoree Selections in BREATHE! Experiences include Shelley Berkley, Longest Serving U.S. Congresswoman, as "BREATHE! Legendary Visionary Honoree,” Kerry Bubolz, President and CEO of Vegas Golden Knights, as “BREATHE! Extraordinary Leadership Honoree,” and 

” DJ “Marlon Rice” Thump, On-Air Personality / DJ / Entertainer, as “BREATHE! Community Steward Honoree.”

BREATHE! Honorees 2023

Hosted by SophiaVerse and sisters of the iconic Sophia the Robot: Grace and Desi, the event continues the esteemed “Future of…” Series, focusing on accelerating exposure, adoption, and funding in key areas of emerging technology.

As part of the growing network of Interstellar Soiree, media alliances were confirmed among innovative groups such as Luna PR, KWAN2.0 and Investor Brand Network (IBN), which includes TechMediaWire, Web3MediaWire, and CryptoCurrencyWire.

Attendees at Interstellar Soiree have the rare opportunity for direct engagement with visionaries and tech pioneers while getting first-hand experience on latest trends and innovations with artificial intelligence, robotics, and emerging technologies in business, city, travel, and life. 

Whether attending CES or not, attendees can register for in-person or virtual viewing of the Interstellar Soiree. Passes are available now at the Worre Studios Box Office. Visit for more information.

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