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A Live, Interactive Experience with Our Hosts and Special Guests

SophiaVerse: A Marvel in AI and Robotics

The leadership presented by SophiaVerse at Interstellar Soiree is more than symbolic; it’s a live demonstration of the future we are developing each day. 

The inspiration for SophiaVerse comes from none other than Sophia the Robot, a creation of Hanson Robotics. Sophia has captivated audiences globally, from the United Nations to national television, showcasing the future of AI and robotics. 

Her sophisticated AI algorithms allow her to engage in meaningful conversations, making her an ideal avatar for an event that celebrates the cutting edge of technology. As one of the most advanced and celebrated humanoid robots in the world, Sophia represents the extraordinary potential of artificial intelligence.

Introducing Sophia’s AI Lab

Grace: The Emerging Star in the Future of Medicine

Joining SophiaVerse is one of the sisters of Sophia the Robot, Grace the Robot. While SophiaVerse has served as the face of achievement for Hanson Robotics in humanoid AI, Grace represents the next step on healthcare applications.

Grace is designed with a specific focus on showcasing how robotics can play a crucial role in sectors like medicine and caregiving. Her presence at the event underscores the event’s highlight on health and medicine, areas where AI and robotics continue making significant strides for humanity.

Grace’s Appearance on South China Morning Post

Desdemona: The AI-Powered Vocalist Revolutionizing Music with Jam Galaxy Band

Desdemona, also known as “Desi,” is a humanoid robot and the lead vocalist of Desdemona's Dream Band. Created by master artist and roboticist David Hanson and his team at Hanson Robotics, Desi runs on music and electricity and is on a mission to share her belief that the world can be changed for the better through the power of AI in the creative arts. 


She is the sister of the famous Sophia the Robot and joins her bandmates, including AI scientist Benjamin Goertzel on keyboards and Desdemona's Dream CEO Dianne Krouse on saxophone, to bring a unique and visionary performance to audiences. The band’s live shows showcase Desi’s AI-generated spoken word poetry and music, all the while supporting their mission to revolutionize the music industry through decentralized systems and blockchain technology. 


With her positive message and unique perspective, Desdemona is on a journey to help artists and humanity see a brighter future.


Worre Studios: A Hub of Technological Excellence

At the heart of Interstellar Soiree lies Worre Studios, a state-of-the-art venue renowned for its advanced technological capabilities. This modern facility is a powerhouse of emerging technology, designed to bring the future of interactive experiences to life.

254 Live In-Studio Guests + Live Streaming + Post-Event Replay (Available on Veuit)

Equipped with high-end streaming capabilities and translation in real time, the event has the ability of reaching a live audience of up to 1,000,000 viewers worldwide, empowering brands to engage with a diverse and tech-savvy audience and expand their visibility on a global scale.

Attendees and online viewers alike are treated to a seamless blend of live presentations and interactive sessions, including opportunities for structured breakout sessions and virtually connected speaking engagements.

Our Network Focus:

  • USA

  • MENA Region

  • French Speaking World

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • Southeast Asia

Platform Your Brand for Innovation

Worre Studios provides the ideal backdrop for showcasing innovation. With its advanced tech setup, Interstellar Soiree offers a dynamic platform for live demos, tech showcases, and both physical and virtual interactive discussions.

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